MMNE Lab - Major Equipment

Other Miscellaneous Equipment

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Humidity Chamber

Ossila's Four-Point Probe System is an easy-to-use tool for the rapid measurement of sheet resistance, resistivity, and conductivity of materials.

Desktop Water Purification System for two qualities of water Type I Water (Ultrapure Water), Type II Water (Pure Water)

Primarily for deposition of thin coatings of liquid on the different substrates (glass, PCB, Si Wafer).

A pair of Holmarc Syringe/Infusion pumps with controllers are used for our various microfluidics applicaitons involving precision controlled circulation like droplet microfluidics, particle encapsulation, etc.

Advanced Hot Air Oven (50-330 °C)

FDM based 3D printing up to 100µm accuracy with PLA, ABS and PCL Materials.

Photolithography Setup

Other Equipment Include Photomultiplier Tubes, Analytical Balance, Source Meters, LCR Meters, pH Meter, Gas Supplies, Filament Extruder, Cutter Plotter, Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Power Supplies, etc.