Sponsored Projects

Ongoing Projects

7. Collaboration in Microbial Fuel Cell Research and Innovation Driven Graduate Education (Co-PI, PI from India), The Research Council of Norway, NOK 12.50 million (India NOK 1.24 million), 5 years (2022-2027)

6. Partners in Energy & Environment Engineering Education and Research for Sustainable development (PEERS)

5. Real-time Investigation of various analytes using droplet microfluidics integrated with high-speed vision

4. IoT and ML enabled Multiplexed Fully Integrated Portable Platform for Onsite Measurement of Water Quality Indicators

3. Development of a Device with Optimized Circuit to Comprehend Fast Charging from Supercapacitors

2. Automated IoT based Microfluidic Electrochemiluminescence ECL Biosensing platform for various biomarker detection

1. Cardiac-Organ-on-Chip: Integrated Microfluidic Cardiac Platform for Drug Screening and Toxicity Detection

Completed Projects

9.  Microfluidic Enzymatic Biofuel Cell for Energy Harvesting & Blood Parameters Monitoring

8. 28S Ribosomal RNA Capture Assay for the Sensitive Detection of Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax

7. Digital 3D Printed Electronic Technology for Space Electronic Packaging Applications

6. IoT Enabled Wearable Nasal Cap for Air-filter, Viral-guard, and Detection of Various Parameters

5. Lab on a chip-based point-of-care device for DNA amplification for TB diagnostics (under Center for Human Disease Research, internal)

4. Fully Integrated Smartphone and IoT enabled Microfluidic Sensor for Real-time Quantification of Soil Macronutrients

3. Underwater Characterization of Solar cells and its Optimization

2. Modelling and Simulation of Quartz Accelerometer for Navigation System

1. Microfluidic-Diffusivity-meter: CO2 diffusivity sensor during Carbon Sequestration in the Oil reservoirs