Microfluidic Microbial Bio-Fuel Cells (MBFC)

Prakash Rewatkar || Dipankar Nath

Applications: Water Toxicity Monitoring, Energy Harvesting

a) Fabrication process flow of microfluidic paper based analytical enzymatic biofuel cell b) complete experimental setup of Y-shaped µPAD-EBFC c) shelf-staked version of four Y-shaped µPAD-EBFC

IoT Enabled Paper MFC Powered by Shewanella putrefaciens

 E coli fed Enhanced Paper MFC

Complete experimental setup images of 3DP-MM-EBFC. a) CAD design of two separate parts b) Complete joint/clipped design c) Digital image of two separate parts of 3DP-MM-EBFC d) Top view contains two inlets e) Side view of the 3DP-MM-EBFC with outlet (f) Complete experimental setup of 3DP-MM-EBFC

a) Two separate microchannel channel parts embedded with enzymes modified PGE’s b) Top view of the clipped version with two inlets c) Bottom view of the clipped version with outlet d) Complete experimental setup of PGE based 3DP- MM-EBFC 

 Paper MFC to Harvest Energy from Urine

LIG based µ-fluidic EBFC

M-EBFC fabrication: a) Assembly steps b) Schematic of the fully assembled cell c) Image of the biofuel cell.

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